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Calendula Clay Mask (100ml)
Calendula Clay Mask (100ml)
Calendula Clay Mask (100ml)

Calendula Clay Mask (100ml)


Our Calendula Clay Mask comes in fresh powdered form,so that you can mix it to the consistency you like with a small amount of water and receive the full therapeutic benefits of the clays,calendula,kakadu plum,green tea and burdock root. By combining these powerful ingredients you will experience the impurities and toxins being gently drawn from the skin while tightening the pores to reveal a smooth complexion.

Mix 1-2 tsp of clay mask powder with a little water in a bowl (our beautiful bowl and brush set is ideal) to form a thin paste. Apply to your face,neck and chest area,avoid the eye area. DO NOT let dry fully on your face...once the outer perimeter is dry and you can feel it tightening then gently remove with a wet cloth. Follow up with one of our organic Day Creams or Antioxidant Facial Serum. Use once a week. 

*Your skin will feel warm and appear red afterwards as the toxins have been drawn to the surface,this will subside. 

Ingredients: Calendula,Kakadu Plum,Green Tea,Burdock Root,Yellow Clay,Zeolite Clay.

 Calendula has wonderful skin soothing properties,it increases collagen production.

Kakadu Plum  found only in the Northern Territory of Australia, this fruit has the highest concentration of Vitamin C of any known plant. A natural antioxidant that eliminates free radicals, it stimulates the production of elastin and collagen to maintain skin suppleness.

Green Tea contains a special anti-oxidant that targets cell damage on the skin, improving the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes. Green tea extract also contains the Methylxanthines that stimulates skin microcirculation to positively influence the tone of the skin.

Burdock Root  it contains many important minerals and nutrients including calcium, iron, flavonoids, tannins, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, potassium, and vitamins C and E. Burdock root also has many antioxidant, anti-bacterial, antibiotic, purifying, detoxifying, and antifungal properties.

Australian Yellow Clay is great for gently exfoliating & cleansing your skin, toning & strengthening connective tissues, stimulating blood circulation, drawing out toxins & superfluous fat, and hydrating, nourishing & feeding your skin, without leaving it feeling dry or tight. 

Zeolite Clay  has the ability to absorb, store and neutralize toxins making it a valuable detoxifying ingredient.